Corrugated Fibreboard Sheets

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We are a young and dynamic company with an extensive program of packaging and packing materials. Customer focus, quality and service are nice words, but for us these words form the foundation of the company. With knowledge and experience of three generations, we can optimize our service and relieve you completely in the world of packaging.
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Corrugated Packaging

We relieve you with the right packaging for the right price!

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Our program Corrugated Packaging

Don’t settle for stock sizes when you don’t have to and let us provide your custom sized packaging.

Corrugated <strong>Sheets</strong>

Corrugated Sheets

As a bottom sheet, separator, top cover or for protection of your products, sheets of corrugated fibreboard are optimal deployable
Corrugated <strong>Rolls</strong>

Corrugated Rolls

As a separator, packing material or protection of your products, rolls of corrugated fibreboard are optimal deployable
Corrugated <strong>Boxes</strong>

Corrugated Boxes

Folding cartons, shipping boxes, pallet boxes or XXL boxes are produced to your desired size and quality
Corrugated <strong>Envelopes</strong>

Corrugated Envelopes

Brown recyclable corrugated fibreboard envelopes with an adhesive closure and tear-off strip for the easy opening
Corrugated <strong>Pallets</strong>

Corrugated Pallets

The lightweight pallet is entirely made from FSC certified corrugated cardboard and is therefore 100% recyclable
Corrugated <strong>XXL Boxes</strong>

Corrugated XXL Boxes

Pallet boxes, container boxes or XXL packages are often used for large products or collectibles