Corrugated Fibreboard Rolls

Corrugated Rolls


As a separator, packing material or protection of your products, singleface corrugated rolls are optimal deployable. We offer beside the standard quality 155 gsm (70/70) also the qualities 240, 270 and 350 gsm. Rolls of corrugated fibreboard are up to 100% recyclable and therefore environmentally friendly!


Description Possibilities
Fefco F0100
Qualities 3mm B-flute (155 gsm): 70 gsm schrenz (gray paper) + 70 gsm schrenz (gray paper)
3mm B-flute (240 gsm): 100 gsm fluting + 100 gsm fluting
3mm B-flute (270 gsm): 100 gsm fluting + 130 gsm testliner
4mm C-flute (350 gsm): 100 gsm fluting + 180 gsm schrenz (gray paper)
Width depending on quality:
20 cm up to 240 cm
Length on a roll B-flute (155 gsm): 70 m
B-flute (240 gsm): 80 m
B-flute (270 gsm): 80 m
C-flute (350 gsm): 50 m
Quantities depending on quality and width:
minimum 750 m2
Print no


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